Monday, November 19, 2012

First ever published research :)

It's true.. Life is not that always easy. There will be times U care so much about something but things turn out up side down.. But when you persevere.. keep doing it, have faith in what you are doing.. You'll get there in the end :)

Final year project research appeared at The Leader magazine of USM. So proud and  happy..
Hard work pays off :)

Guess what?? My first ever published paper has become the main cover..
Waaa.. I just can't believe it!!! :)

This explanation is written on the next cover :)

First page of my journal :)

I want to sincerely acknowledge my supervisor & friends who help me through :)
Not forgotten, my fiance and  family. Thanks for your support.

The trick to doing a great research is.... "to have a coffee moment in between" :)



  1. Long time no update. Sy singgah2 sini dulu =)

  2. Thanks Allyn.. Lama sudah saya tidak update ni blog. hehe How are u? Bila ko abis study?