Monday, November 19, 2012

First ever published research :)

It's true.. Life is not that always easy. There will be times U care so much about something but things turn out up side down.. But when you persevere.. keep doing it, have faith in what you are doing.. You'll get there in the end :)

Final year project research appeared at The Leader magazine of USM. So proud and  happy..
Hard work pays off :)

Guess what?? My first ever published paper has become the main cover..
Waaa.. I just can't believe it!!! :)

This explanation is written on the next cover :)

First page of my journal :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Finally not-single-anymore :)

Finally.... after being so-called "single forever" for quite sometime... I ended up my life here.. Not particularly "has ended" but it's just half way going to end my single life.. Am I Happy?? hhhmmm.. rahsia hehehe :)

The union of two different worlds.. Guess what? I'm pure Dusun (proud of it) and that person wearing bluish shirt is a Chinese + Indian... Perhaps you can see that at the right side over there :P

Thanks to my lovely family and coming future in law family :)
Not forgetting those who made my day.. Hugs!!!
Frankly speaking... this was indeed an unforgettable moment !!!
Hope for the future.... we'll stay together and God bless the journey :P 



Thursday, May 3, 2012

For hours... I just did 'something' like this :)

It must be so boring in the room~ Got nothing to do... end up with things like this.. Been a while not posing in front of camera..  Mokirayou ni! haha

This one looks not that bad, I LIKE !!!hehe :P

Just put the camera on the table and 'snap' one after another...


Looking at what I did for one night.. eeuuuwww.. It's too much!!..kesiokan-keambilan-kegambaran-kesendirian!!! hahaha :)


Marcela :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It had been some time that I didn't update my blog... So many things happened for the past 7 months.. I was not done with my past but Things kept coming in my ways... ~~~ Sigh ....

Perhaps it would be better if I practice what the Sponge bob used to say:


Marcela :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Care about your hair ????  ;)

       Well... My hair got problem before... When I entered university life, I started to realize that  my hair loss became even more serious.. Thought of getting *bald* very soon  if I didn't do something.. Sounds scary isn't it? hahaha.. But I meant it.. I tried several types of shampoos and ended up nothing.. I did try Panteen, Dove, Rejoice etc.. all types of common shampoo.. Only to find out that it didn't work at all ~ Sadies.. hahaaa.. 

      Then.. I went through some readings and found out that most probably (still not too sure)  hair loss occurred due to stress and shampoo with many chemicals.. hohoho. Well, I changed and tried natural shampoo brand *Franch*.. It's perfect.. solved my hair problem.. emm. But  I was quite surprised;  it's only available in USM pharmacy.. yeap,  I went to several markets/shops before but cannot find one.. have to buy in bundles and berjimat pakai ... hehe


     Now.. Planned to apply hair serum to protect and ensure my hair always shines :)

                                                                       You can try it :)

Better now or never :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I remembered meeting someone ;)

I remembered meeting someone...

~ Who talked like Discovery channel (Astro)  555. He talked with knowledge and full of confidence.

~ Who told me that he lost in peace when first time seeing me saying a silent prayer.

~ Who told me that I was smart, intelligent, and beautiful > make me still wonder, he exaggerate a  
       bit.. isn't it? ;) 

~ And told me I looked cute when at times, I got that natural mimics on my face.. yet, I dunno what   
       he meant and when that happened. 

~ Who told me that he's very comfortable when he went out with me.. and didn't mind spending the 
       whole day talking to me. hahahhaa..

~ Who swore that he would be a slave, ready to do anything for me if I accepted him as Bf.... 
        haizzzz  T.T

~ Who confessed falling in love after meeting me for 3 times.. >>> Thinking back, I never take it as 
       dating when going out with him.. That's too fast, isn't it? hehehe

~ Who invited me to go visit his parents and stayed overnight at his house.. >>> sounds quite 
       serious when talking about meeting parents.. scary.. aiyooo.. 

       and... yea.. a person who told me that he will wait for me.. until I say "yes".. hehehe 

 " I never thought that there's something like this happen to me... I dunno.. It takes time anyway. But. i hope God will guide me.. when comes to making decision.."  ;)

Friday, June 17, 2011

You've gotta be extra careful
With the things nearest to you
You know the closer you get to something
The tougher it is to see it

      Explain to me this happiness
      That you just got to experience
      Or maybe you are so blessed
      That you cannot even remember

And I'll never take it for granted
It's fine to say "Never give up"
And "Keep chasing your dreams"

     But the more time you spend talking big
     The less you get done
     I'll press that handful of courage against my heart
     And with its help.. survive another day
 ...... And I'll never take it for granted..
 ....... Let's go...   ^_ ^

~~   All this time, I used to think pursuing master directly after my degree.. yeah.. It's always been my dream.. becoming lecturer.. And to my surprised.. When the time came for me to decide.. when I was about sending my master form.. headache for 1 week.. Not sure whether working vs master, I made up mind to accept the job offer.. U know why?? I dunno.. Me too.. I wonder why.. scared that I made a wrong exit.. and regret everything.. hahhaa.. eeemm.. whatever it is.. I have made up my mind.. Not sure whether it's Ok or not.. but just hope for a miracle... :)

                                    ~ Wishing upon a star.. shining brightly :)